A very warm welcome...

My name is Francesca Cook and I am so excited to connect with you.


I am 31 years old and I am here because I truly believe we should all live the life we desire.


My passion has always been to help people but what I have realised is so powerful that everything starts with how you feel about yourself and this is what’s held me back and not allowed me to live the life I truly desired.

Through my coaching academy I have learnt the power of rewriting my story and the realisation that my self-image is what has opened the doors to truly allow me to do anything in life.


I am so excited to share how powerful it really is and for you to live the life you truly desire.



But first let me tell you I am not the person I used to be.


For many years I lived in a place of no worthiness, respect or love for myself.


For as long as I can remember I allowed myself to live in the story of what other people told me.

This left me living a life hidden away suffering with anxiety, self doubt, self loathing, insecurities and stuck.

During this time I have also faced many awful traumas losing loved ones. I lost my Grandad and Uncle in a water accident and neither of them sadly survived.

I also lost my best friend as she committed suicide.

Did I blame myself? Yes.

Was I angry? Yes.

Was I sad? Yes.

And did I allow this to affect my life? Yes.

The reason I am telling you these things is because like all of us we are faced every day with things that impact our lives.


But what I have truly learnt is how we react to a situation is our choice, and how we chose to live after.


What you think today is what you are creating for your tomorrow.

Do you allow what others tell you to then impact how you feel and limit you to what you can achieve in life?

I used to allow fear to take over.

Then I learnt to feel the fear and do it anyway!

Allow yourself the opportunity to book in your free action call and find out how you can rewrite your story and start saying yes to life to truly live the life you desire.